what is mirror lip glaze?

202205190921411.what is mirror lip glaze?
Mirror lip glaze is a type of lip glaze, also known as lacquered lip glaze. Lip glaze is divided into matte lip glaze and moisturizing lip glaze, mirror lip glaze belongs to the moisturizing version of lip glaze, in texture
It is a slightly viscous one, just like syrup, but it is not very sticky and greasy. The top feels more like cream and is very moisturizing and refreshing. The reason why it is called mirror lip
Glaze, because it creates a finish that is translucent, like a mirror glowing, very shiny.
2. how to apply the mirror lip glaze?

How to apply lacquered lip glaze? If you want the lip glaze to look good, the skill is very important, if the mirror lip glaze is not coated well, it may be unevenly coated, too thick, and there is a kind of blood basin mouth

The sense of sight is not good at all. So the sisters who don’t yet apply mirror lip oil come together to learn how to apply mirror lip glaze.
Step 1: Do a good lip care to keep your lips moisturized and unsustainable.
Step 2: Use a lip-glazed lip brush to take half of the brush head, apply it from the middle of the lip to the sides, and do it with two strokes. Don’t apply back and forth! Then the upper lip also goes from the middle
Apply to the corners of the mouth.
Step 3: Do not sip your mouth immediately after applying, and wait until the lip glaze has dried thoroughly.
Third, the mirror lip glaze is good or the matte surface is good


Lip glaze is generally divided into matte lip glaze and moisturizing lip glaze, mirror lip glaze belongs to the moisturizing model of lip glaze, and lip glaze belongs to the matte version of lip glaze. There is no such thing as a mirror lip stain
Good or foggy, only the right one is the best. Choose a mirror lip glaze or a matte lip glaze, mainly to see what kind of finish you want to get, want to make it brighter, but
Choose a bright mirror lip glaze, or a matte lip glaze if you want to keep your makeup understated.
Mirror lip glaze has a bright water effect, holding makeup for a long time, not only can cover the lip lines, but also can reflect the luster from multiple angles, suitable for thin lips with poor lip conditions, playing a plump
The role of the lips.
Matte lip glaze is the most intense color, high color saturation, strong concealer, non-reflective, low moisture, relatively long-lasting but easy to dry. Not suitable for people with dry lips and deep lip lines


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