The easiest makeup

Makeup is a university question. Many people want to say that they are lazy, just like sleeping for ten minutes more and don’t want to get up and put on makeup, so today’s makeup without makeup is a blessing for lazy people. It only takes five simple steps and three minutes to get it done. A student wears no makeup. Basic skin care

Girls over the age of 20, even if they don’t wear makeup, have to learn basic skin care work. Toners and lotions are the most basic skin care products, and both toners and lotions have a good emollient effect, as well as the function of locking water, which can help prevent the loss of moisture in the skin.


plain face cream

This is the most popular kind of cream now. Because there is a makeup cream, it feels like the whole makeup is painted. Now many makeup creams have the functions of isolation, sun protection and skin brightening at the same time, which can directly replace BB cream and concealer. , and can also play the function of locking water. So simple student makeup only needs this step on the base makeup of the face.


draw eyebrows

One of the most energetic parts of makeup is the eyebrows. Drawing plum blossoms will make you look full of energy, and the whole person will look different. But thrush needs to be drawn according to your face shape. Both square and round faces are suitable for raised eyebrows, oval face looks good with flat eyebrows, and Chinese character faces are very suitable for thicker eyebrows.


lip balm

Applying lipstick will make a person’s complexion look good, so even if it is plain makeup, you need to apply lipstick. You can choose some lighter, more everyday lipsticks, which are more in line with the characteristics of plain makeup. Most people will choose water pink or colorless lipstick, which will look more elegant. For example, the color of bean paste or grapefruit has been popular in the past two years. Pumpkin color and maple leaf red are also very popular colors this year. When painted, they will be super temperamental and very white.


Not enough time to wake up in the morning and go out face-to-face? No wonder male gods always ignore your existence.How to draw the simplest makeup without makeup? After reading the above steps, have you learned it?

Post time: Jun-17-2022