The best anti-pollution lipstick that can be left under the mask

Who said that as masks become daily necessities, lipstick becomes redundant?

Since masks must be worn in the foreseeable future, many of us may choose not to wear lipstick when we go out, and instead focus on eye makeup.

However, putting on lipstick is still a good idea, because when you take off your mask to eat when you meet with friends or on a date, you want some color on your lips.

If you are worried about applying your lip makeup under your mask, be sure to choose a moisturizing, long-lasting, anti-transfer lipstick.

Another tip is to gently wipe off excess lip product with a paper towel after application. Or, you can use a small brush to apply a little translucent powder to fix the lipstick. These two methods ensure that there is less chance of lipstick transfer and application on the mask and face.

Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, when most people talk about your beauty, it is quite overwhelming. Soft lips help you achieve superior beauty because they help brighten anyone's face. Pink on the lips is a proper sign of good health, so I hope everyone has one. Although there are many remedies to achieve beautiful pink lips, such as pollution and harsh conditions around us, there are some beauty tips that can help you Achieve this goal In this article, I will take you through the top ten beauty secrets that can help you achieve outstanding healthy pink lips.


1. Moisturize lips
Dry and irritated lips can cause their darkening and hyperpigmentation. It is recommended to apply lip balm frequently throughout the day to keep lips moisturized throughout the day. It should be noted that some lip balm can be addictive, so precautions need to be taken when choosing. Compared with petroleum-based lip balm, lip balm containing Cadillac wax, almond oil and vitamin E is more effective. This technique will always be the first technique for achieving healthy pink lips.

2. Scrub lips
Lip scrubbing action can help you remove dead cells, resulting in soft and healthy pink lips. There are several ways to wipe your lips. The main method is to apply a thick lip balm on your lips before going to bed, and then use a toothbrush to remove dead cells when you brush your teeth the next morning. Lip scrubbing mainly results in babies' soft, kissable lips and pink.

3. Moisturize yourself
Moisturizing yourself can also lead to hydration of the lips. Its hydration part brings pink tones and stunning lips appearance, making you bloom with a beautiful smile. Dry lips are the opposite, because they look black and dark.

4. Avoid smoking
Smoking not only causes cancer, it can also cause lips to darken and discolor. If you are looking forward to getting soft pink lips, then smoking should be the first habit. In addition to quit smoking just to get healthy lips, you will be able to enjoy a healthy life full of happiness.

5. Avoid licking your lips
Many people tend to lick their lips when they feel dry. This is one of the behaviors that makes things worse. It turns out that licking your lips will make your lips even more dry and dull. So before you let go of your tongue and do the same thing, think about the damage you can cause to your lips.

6. Avoid sunlight
Continuous exposure to the sun can cause lips to darken. This is because there is too much melanin in this area. The sun has been proven to increase the synthesis of melanin, so you need to protect yourself from these dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun, mainly by using lips that help achieve pink and healthy lips.

7. Maintain a healthy diet
Consistently eating foods rich in vitamin C is very important for healthy lips. Vitamin C has been proven to naturally moisturize lips, thereby reducing pigmentation.

8. Use good quality cosmetics
Using artificial cosmetics and a lot of lipstick is really harmful to your lips and health. This is due to the presence of corrosive and harmful chemicals. These low-quality products can cause lip pigmentation, so make sure that the quality of the lip balm meets the standard before buying or using it.

9. Avoid chlorinated water or any contact
It has been proven that chlorinated water can also cause pigmentation of the lips. Therefore, to get healthy and soft pink lips, stay away from chlorinated water.

10. Continue to oil the belly button
This is one of the ancient home remedies to keep lips natural pink and healthy. This includes putting a few drops of mustard oil in the belly button (belly button) before going to bed. Although the results are gradual, it has helped many people with darkened lips. Therefore, apply regularly and wait patiently

Post time: Oct-22-2021