35 Colors Eyeshadow Pallete Matte Shimmer Eye Shadow Powder Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Make Up Palette SP-ES35

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These shadows are extremely soft . 35colors beautiful glitter colors that will go with any skin tone and brighten up any look.

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Product Brand: ruhuatuo
Product Name: Eyeshadow 35Color Palette
Package Weight: 52g
Package: 1PC x Eyeshadow Palette

Product Efficacy

★ Tonal and inspiration from the catwalk,gorgeous high saturated color eye makeup change color
★; Exquisite opaque,paste, easy ,easily highlight stereo eye level,at the beginning of lasting shine like makeup

How to use

1.Dipped into the amount of eye shadow powder evenly between the entire eye sock.
2.Aggravated color along the lash roots,creating a three-dimensional shadow gradient.


Fine, non-staining powder, natural colouring
Matching of matte and pearlescent shades for all seasons, smooth application and non-staining
The transition is natural and even, the brush can be used to apply the colour.

1.Highly pigmented.
A bright, full-bodied colour that brings out the best in your eyes.
2.Highly skin-friendly
A light, silky texture
3.Long lasting
Long-lasting, oil-controlled make-up
4.Easy to carry
Compact plastic case for easy portability without mixing

Classic fashionable and versatile, to create a charming deep eye makeup, three-dimensional layer sense, show fashion forward, dynamic and charming personality style, suitable for a variety of occasions. It is suitable for all skin tones;
Good-looking and practical, do blush, grooming are very can ~
Three low-saturation eye shadows, too friendly to swollen eyelids, clear Xiao swell with different makeup, to gentle to daily to playful
It can give you all, and daily out on the street this a plate away.

Eye shadow colour matching

• Eye shadow is divided into three types: shadow, bright and accent colours. Shadow colours are astringent colours.
Applied to recessed or narrow areas, they create shadows. These colours generally include
dark grey, dark brown, and bright colours, which are also accentuating colours and are applied to hopefully standing
The shadows are usually dark grey, dark brown, and bright colours. Bright colours are generally whitish and include beige, off-white, white
The accent colours can be any colour.
• When choosing an accent colour, consider how your outfit and lip colour will match it.
For example, blue, brown and grey; give a pretty and chic look,
Purple looks mild and elegant; peachy ones add a flirty and feminine look;
Different make-up types. The effect varies from one make-up type to another.

Matte (matte): deep eyes with a natural finish
Polarised (shimmer): partial highlighting and richness without swelling
Radiant (mother-of-pearl): a brilliant shimmer that stands out in one stroke and is not easily removed
Sparkle (Big Sparkle): a shimmering, eye-catching shade for a dreamy, glamorous look
Compact and easy to carry

Rich texture and colourful selection of the hottest net reds, fine and sparkling, high colour rendering, good spreadability, good smudging, no clumping, matte, matte shimmer, fine pearl, ombre polarised, sequins. The powder is soft and delicate to the touch, easy to apply.


Made of natural mineral materials, easy to apply, suitable for all
It is easy to apply, suitable for all skin types and gives the eyes a more defined look.
How to use: Use a brush or finger to apply the eye shadow evenly on the eyelid.
on the eyelid.
Easy to apply, easy to use for beginners.


• High frequency use
Colour matching everyday, wanting to day
The "flop" of the day, painted to the iron
A practical colour palette
• Various textures
matte, pearlescent
and shell shimmer.
A variety of textures
• Easy to apply for beginners
Comfortable colour scheme, smudges well
easy to handle for beginners

Long-lasting, skin-adhesive, long-lasting eye make-up
eye-catching, not limited to colours, for everyday or bold, creative looks
Silky and creamy powder that smudges well
Made from high quality imported ingredients for a soft touch and fine shine
Baked powder with a pearlescent texture for a fine, smooth finish and a glamorous shine
Matte texture. The powder is fuller and the colour is better
The texture of mashed potatoes is soft, easy to apply and does not fly off.
The mother-of-pearl, a mixture of large pearls and shaped sequins. No tightness
Non-depigmentation: means that the make-up is applied in the correct way

1. More shimmer, not mediocre
Fine pearlescent powder for a light, kind effect
A natural, glowing complexion

2. Finer, no flyaway powder
Baked powder is fine and silky for even application
evenly and for a long-lasting finish

3. Trendy classic eye makeup
Classic and dimensional, natural colouring, giving the face
The natural colouring gives the face a three-dimensional silhouette.
The perfect match for your eye look

4. Long-lasting power
Contains oil-control powder
Maintains the initial colour
No fallout

5. Rich, clean colouring
Double-coated eyeshadow powder
Instantly delivers bright colour

6. Good looks
Easy to carry with an elegant design
A high quality finish.

Silky: Silky has a lighter shine. Sometimes there is no visible "pearlescence", but rather a subtle, skin-like shine.
Matte: the so-called matte, completely matte texture, which has an elegant and subdued premium feel.

Unparalleled colouring ability, high pearl mixing baking process, illusion mixing baking powder colours reasonably mixed in a variety of ways to play, for single colours single tray mixing multiple trays mixing, adjustable shades adjustable shades never limited play.
Better adhesion of the powder with fingertips

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