Wholesale Professional Face Makeup Private Label Individual 6 Colors Long Lasting High Pigment Blush-HX1

Short Description:

Item NO: HX1
Product name: Blush
Colors: 6 colors
Weight: 0.08kg
MOQ: 6000pcs
Standard Package: Box
Payment:L/C、D/P、D/A、T/T, Paypal
Advantage:1.Provide free logo design + packaging design
                  2.Customized sample

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Soft satin finish: flowerpot pink blush makeup blends evenly to enhance your skin tone with sunny colors. Cheeks of natural luster, as beautiful as petals! The best blush to show your rosy glow.

De-tint your cheeks: Blush is the secret weapon to your flawless face. Can be worn alone or on top of your favorite FLOWER BEAUTY foundation for a perfect natural look. This is a beauty palette that you can use again and again.

Add contours to highlight your way! Vibrant and three-dimensional, this flowery beauty blush looks gorgeous on petite cheeks in luxurious colors paired with ultra-fine powder pigments. This is the best makeup blush for beautiful modern women.

Build strength: Apply blush powder to cheek apples to give shape to cheeks. Blend for a softer surface, or layer for a stronger blush. Your blush will be exactly what you need!

HX1- (1) HX1- (2) HX1- (3) HX1- (4) HX1- (5) HX1- (6) HX1- (7) HX1- (14) HX1- (15) HX1- (16)

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    Step 2: We provide free logo design, free packaging design, we send designers
    The effect picture designed for you, used to confirm the printing effect.
    If there is any modification, please specify.
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    Step 5: After the production is completed, the quality inspection department conducts an inspection.
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