Ultra-thin waterproof eyeliner eyeliner 1.7mm, matte and long-lasting shimmer powder 1014-MF

Short Description:

1.7mm eyeliner gel pencil long-lasting waterproof superfine #ConfidenceHalo soft and long lasting high pigment matte and shimmer Eyeliner gel pencil, super fine 1.7mm.

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[Two textures] Two textures, including typical matte texture and glitter texture.
[Easy to use] Use these high-impact eyeliners to create gorgeously shaped eyeliners that exceed long-lasting requirements.
[Long-lasting Waterproof] A powerful colored eyeliner can provide hours of water-resistant, fade-resistant color.
Other brands: not durable, easy to break, not waterproof, difficult to blend, difficult to apply
Other brands: The pen tip is thick, and the pen tip is too dry when used: long-lasting, waterproof, 1.7mm ultra-slim, color development, smooth

Selling point

1.7mm Superfine Eyeliner Pencil Long Wear Waterproof Easy Use Well Pigmented Application:-Use the eyeliner gel pencil to draw the eyeline shape you want-Complete all eye shadow and mascara, it can be used for waterline and eye end.


It is recommended to use with Focallure foundation, which can better create a long-lasting, delicate and smooth makeup effect.

Main ingredients

Trimethylsiloxysilicate, polyethylene, methyltrimethicone, ozokerite, C20-40 alcohol


-Q: Can I use this on my waterline?
-A: Of course, it is great on the lash line, waterline or the entire lid

-Q: Can the eyeliner stretch?
-A: Yes, the product is scalable.

-Q: Is this Waterpoof?
-A: It should be waterproof, but it does become dull throughout the day, especially if you have oily skin around your eyes. I find it helpful to use a good quality concealer under the eyeliner. This helps the eyeliner stay on the skin without becoming dull during the day.

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