Private label non-logo 20-color matte square tube non-stick cup long lasting lip gloss-HFY016

Short Description:

made in China
Brand: OEM
Model: HFY016
Specification: 7ML
Shelf life 5 years
Color: 20 colors
Ingredients: grape seed oil, vitamins, green tea, minerals, white orchid, sugar syrup

Product Detail

Our customized service

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Item No:HFY016
Product Type: Lip Gloss
Weight: 40g
MOQ: 6000
Payment: L/C, D/P, D/A, T/T, Paypal
Advantage:Provide free logo design + packaging design

HFY016 dteails-02 HFY016 dteails-15 HFY016 dteails-12 HFY016 dteails-11 HFY016 dteails-10 HFY016 dteails-09 HFY016 dteails-08 HFY016 dteails-07 HFY016 dteails-06 HFY016 dteails-04 HFY016 dteails-03

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  • ODM / OEM service (custom logo, customized packaging, customized color, free printing, free logo design)
    Step 1: Send us your logo.
    Step 2: We provide free logo design, free packaging design, we send designers
    The effect picture designed for you, used to confirm the printing effect.
    If there is any modification, please specify.
    Step 3: If you are worried, we can send you samples before production.
    Step 4: If there is no problem, we will help arrange production.
    Step 5: After the production is completed, the quality inspection department conducts an inspection.
    Step 6: The product quality is OK, we pack and ship.