Will the foundation last for a day?

Foundation is the commonest bottom makeup product, foundation is to use even color of skin, cover flaw is used, foundation has a lot of kinds, foundation of different quality of a material suits different skin qualitative, use effect also has difference.


Will the foundation last for a day?

Foundation can keep how long to want to decide according to the kind factor of foundation, the quality of a material that chooses foundation is very important, watery foundation is extruded very thin, fluidity is very strong, very good daub, easy to go up makeup, suit dry skin quite. The MM that has blemish on the face, do not choose the liquid of pink bottom that color number passes white, it is to hide blemish otherwise, the makeup look that draws comes out is not natural also. foundation choose oil-free formula can not take off makeup for a long time, makeup is more convenient.

Can foundation keep for a day? How to use foundation without taking off makeup

How does foundation use not take off makeup


1. Moisturizing before makeup is a big responsibility

If the moisture in the skin is sufficient, the excess sebum is difficult to secrete, so the situation of oily face can be avoided, so the first step of not taking off makeup is to do a good job of moisturizing the skin. Protect wet divide protect wet latex this kind of product, also cannot be little toner water and muscle bottom fluid, sufficient filling water still needs to have a good habit of protecting skin, be like every other day apply wet mask, a week 3 times is better.

2. Hand warm osmotic emulsion technique

When daub emulsion and essence, want to learn to use hand warm warm emulsion, massage facial skin with palm next, will emulsion essence daub at face, can let the skin absorb the nutrition in emulsion more fully. Many girls have the habit of storing liquid foundation, often in the home to prepare a lot of bottles of liquid foundation, each bottle of liquid foundation is used once or twice, then has been stored immobile, keep 1 to 2 years of time. This foundation has long been contaminated with bacteria, and if you continue to use it, you can end up with acne, mouth closure, and even redness. Even non-sensitive skin can become sensitive because of this foundation, so it is best to use up the foundation within six or 12 months.

3. Moisturize with liquid foundation

Choosing a moisturizing liquid foundation as your base will greatly improve makeup removal. Choose a foundation that is light and breathable. If you are looking for a bare foundation, you need to pay more attention to the foundation. Of course, if you want to completely solve the problem of removing makeup, you might as well add the right amount of lotion to the foundation, so that the makeup will be more comfortable.

Can foundation keep for a day? How to use foundation without taking off makeup


How to maintain foundation does not take off makeup

If you want to apply foundation without taking off makeup, you should do a good job in skin care, choose the right milk base before makeup, choose the foundation with delicate texture, four smear methods are the most important, and five need to use makeup products after makeup. Before we go on foundation, we must do the basic skin care work, first wet apply a toner, clean the skin twice, and then use the essence to replenish nutrients for the skin, followed by the use of lotion to fully lock the moisture and nutrients in the face, if the face is too dry, you can apply a layer of cream. Pre-makeup can make our makeup more lasting and make the base more suitable on the face. Some pre-makeup can control oil and moisturize the face. We choose the right pre-makeup according to our skin. The makeup foundation can keep makeup nine hours, make facial skin becomes delicate luster, adjust skin evenly, and play the role of carry bright, at this time we will squeeze out the fluid foundation first two pump in the palm, then need beauty makeup dip in egg apply adequate amount to the foundation of dots on the face, pay attention to the dots, you need to use beauty makeup pointed part of the egg, Then use the round head of the egg to push the foundation from the inside out. Makeup products can choose powder, powder, makeup spray, dry skin recommended use of makeup spray, oily skin powder or foundation can be used.


How long can the foundation be kept

Foundation has a shelf life of two to three years when it is unopened, but it drops to six or 12 months when it is opened. Use foundation as far as possible within a year, the real shelf life of foundation is to be calculated according to the opening date, after the best shelf life, foundation will breed bacteria, resulting in allergies, itching on the face

Post time: May-20-2022