the shelf life of the foundation liquid is generally how long


the shelf life of the foundation liquid is generally how long

First of all, as a makeup product that must be used every time you make up, the contact time with the air is relatively long, so some foundation manufacturers will use vacuum bottle design, or use a pump head to reduce the contact time between the foundation liquid

and the air. Why is this necessary, because when exposed to air, the shelf life is shortened. So in fact, the liquid foundation does not have a fixed shelf life, it will shorten the shelf life as the contact time with the air becomes longer. In general, the shelf life of the

foundation is not the same as after opening. The liquid foundation will generally be valid for one, two or three years on the box, which refers to the unopened service life. After opening, the use period of foundation liquid is generally 6 to 12 months to run out, and it

is best not to use it if it is not used up during this time.


Whether the foundation is expired or not

1. Smell the smell

Liquid foundation belongs to the category of cosmetics, when making the foundation liquid will add a variety of chemical components, the normal liquid liquid will taste good, and the deteriorated liquid will have a very heavy flavor or a pungent taste.
2, look at the status

Normal foundation liquid will have good ductility, and the deteriorated, expired foundation liquid has been denatured inside, after extrusion is very poor, it is not easy to apply evenly, some of the color of the spoiled foundation liquid has changed, in the process

of using the foundation liquid, even if the foundation liquid does not expire do not use such a foundation liquid, regardless of whether it is not expired, this foundation liquid is not suitable for their own skin, with easy to destroy the finish, but also easy to cause

skin problems.


3. Look at the date

The most basic way to judge whether the foundation can still be used is to look at the date on the foundation, the use time of the opened foundation is generally one year, and the date of use of the unopened foundation is generally three years.

Post time: Aug-12-2022