The introduction and use of makeup brushes

The introduction and use of makeup brushes
There are many types of makeup brushes. To cope with daily makeup, you can combine it according to your personal makeup habits. But there are 6 brushes that are required as the base configuration: powder brush, concealer brush, cheek
Red brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.


1. Foundation brush
The base makeup on the foundation brush is more transparent, which can avoid the heavy makeup, so choosing a good hair brush is also an important part of creating a delicate makeup
Divide. Foundation brushes are a good way to avoid base makeup lines than top sponges.

2. Concealer brush
Use to apply cream products to areas where concealer is needed, such as spots, acne scars or dark circles.

3. Loose powder brush
Even if many brushes are not bought, loose powder brushes are also a must, loose powder brush is a very common tool for creating a base makeup, stained with loose powder powder to sweep the whole face, softer than using puff
And more natural, can be painted very evenly, so that the makeup effect is natural without masks, and more less powder.


4. Blush brush
The texture is relatively soft, generally a medium-sized round or flat-toed brush, and the long and soft bristles can apply powdery products without destroying the base makeup, which is used to apply cheeks
Red, contour and other tools for large-area scrubbing.

5. Eyeshadow brush
In a basic set of makeup tools, three eyeshadow brushes are enough to meet the needs of various eyeshadows. If you want to buy, just buy all three of them, big, medium, and small, big brush
Sub is used to stick light-colored eyeshadow to base, and medium and small brushes are used to refine eyeshadow.


6. Angled brush
This versatile brush is the perfect choice for painting eyeliner and eyebrows. This size and shape can make the eyebrows feel more natural, and it’s easy to apply makeup to the eyes
The position of the line.

7. Lip brush
To make lip makeup more natural, a lip brush is essential and an essential tool for lip-biting makeup.

8. Eyebrow comb or round shaft brush
Used to separate the eyelashes that are glued together or to comb the eyebrows, this brush is one of the best tools for finishing makeup. Especially used to sweep away eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil very much
Easy to use, natural effect, eyebrows will have a hairy feeling.

Post time: Jul-22-2022