Learn the basic steps of makeup


First, Skin care measures before makeup
1. Before makeup, we must first wash the face, because if the face is not clean, it will affect the effect of the subsequent entire base makeup.
2. After washing your face, you should first pour some toner on the cotton pad, then gently wipe your face, and then apply water milk.

Second, learn the basic steps of makeup

Makeup step 1: cream or primer.
Step : Apply a bean-sized dot to the face and apply evenly. It should be noted that it must not be used too much. Green and blue foundation has a good hiding effect,
Suitable for people with spots or other blemishes. Purple is more suitable for the yellowish skin of Orientals. White is more suitable for transparent makeup.


Makeup step 2: Liquid foundation.
It is similar to the isolation of the application method.
Step : Apply evenly to the face in an amount that doubles as the isolation. It should be noted that the eye area, the junction of hair and forehead should also be applied evenly. Otherwise others can see it at a glance
Out of your makeup.


Makeup step 3: concealer.
Only for people with small blemishes on the face.
Step : You can use a small brush gently on the blemish as well as around. In this way, the foundation can cover the spots without hitting too thickly, and the acne is gone. Another usage is to place concealer
Apply between the eyebrows to the nose and under the eyes. This not only covers the dark circles but also plays a brightening role.


Makeup step 4: powder.
If your makeup has reached the desired effect when completing the above three steps, the powder on the fourth step can be omitted, and the powder can be directly powdered to achieve the effect of brightening
Step: Gently pat on the face with a puff, pay attention to evenly powder, and pay attention to the bare parts of the head should be powdered, look more energetic, to achieve makeup


Makeup step 5: loose powder.
Step : Just gently flick on a layer of loose powder. Pay attention to the junction of the face and neck.
Reminder: Japanese foundation emphasizes transparency, and Korean foundation pays more attention to the masking effect. You can choose your makeup accessories according to your needs.


Makeup Step 6: Makeup of the Eyes.
Eyebrows: It is important to trim the eyebrows.
Step: When trimming your eyebrows for the first time, it’s best to find a more professional place, and then you can take care of yourself according to the shape that has been repaired. Then use the eyebrow brush eyebrow powder
The effect is much more natural.
Eyeshadow: You can choose the color combination according to different clothing.
Step: Pay attention to the transition of color when applying eyeshadow. For example, pink eyeshadow, you must first apply a light powder to the entire eye socket, and then close to the eyelashes
Deepen. After makeup, sweep a layer of white loose powder on the bridge of the brow bone and nose. The effect of highlighting the three-dimensional sense can be achieved.

Eyeliner: The average girl is reluctant to put on eyeliner, in fact, a good layer of eyeliner can make the eyes brighter.
Step 2: One way to use a lash lineer is to use a lash pencil to place the eyeliner at the midpoint of the neutral slot at the base of the lashes. This will look more natural. The lower eyeliner can be penned with white eyeliner, yes
to make the eyes appear larger.
Mascara: Helps girls achieve their dreams of big eyes.
Step : Look down, try to expose the base of the lashes, and then insert the brush head into the base of the lashes for two to three seconds. Go further to the end of the eyelashes
Pull, make small adjustments while the lashes are not drying until you are satisfied, and brush the lashes thicker. Finally, emphasize the end of the eye, comb the lashes, and brush the lashes
Hair, brush under the eyelashes must be careful, try to put the hand a little lighter, the skill is to gently shake and push the eyelash brush outwards, so that you can brush out a long and thick lower eyelashes.


Makeup Step 7: Blush.
Blush is used to brighten or emphasize the frontal bone, as well as to modify the face, the correct way to draw the face can make the face rosy and healthy.
Step: The blush drawing method, in terms of powder blush, is to brush down from the frontal bone to the upper circumference of the ear at an angle of about 45 degrees inward, and the range is about the outer straight line of the eyeball and the lower circumference of the nose
Straight line junction. The amount of blush should be less, and it is less likely to fail if you brush it a few more times, and if there is too much blush, you can mix it with brute powder. In addition, there are creamy and liquid blushes,
You can use your fingers to point at the face, and then push it with your hand or sponge, the focus is on the powder after the foundation, although it is not easy to take off makeup, but it is more difficult.


Makeup Step 8: Lip Modification.
Step : Apply a layer of lip balm to the lips as a base, followed by lipstick.


Post time: Jul-15-2022