How to play blush?

Female friends all want to make themselves beautiful, so they work hard on makeup, and blush is a must-have item to enhance the appearance of girls. So, how about blush? How can I make myself look better? Let’s find out together!


This is how blush should be

First of all, we have to choose the right tool for us, and use the blush brush to apply the blush, which is more even and the effect is better. Secondly, it is the technique. Under the cheekbones, slowly apply it upwards in a circular motion, and apply it to the corner of the eye. The same technique is used on the other side. Applying blush in this way can make your face look more complex. more radiant.

The technique is very important when applying blush


When applying blush, you should pay attention to the dosage, not too much. If you apply too much, it will give people a feeling of drunkenness. It is abnormally red and looks more like a monkey’s butt. We can lightly buckle the box after applying the blush to shake off the excess powder. In terms of technique, the point pressing method is more effective than smearing. The application is easy to make the blush uneven, which is very strange visually, and the pieces are very unsightly, and the point pressing method can make the blush evenly distributed on the face, so, The method is extremely important.

Tools and light are also important when applying blush

First of all, when applying blush, you need to use specific tools. In addition to the sponge puff, it is the blush brush. The right tools can make the blush look natural and harmonious. When applying makeup, we should also operate it in a well-lit place, so that we can not only discover the flaws in our makeup in time, but also focus our attention to draw looming and delicate makeup. This blush I often use is easier to use, whether it is color or small to carry, it is very convenient.


Different face shapes use different blush techniques

If you have a round face, you should often use straight or diagonal lines to outline the slenderness of the face and create the feeling of a melon face. If it is a square face, you can use a lot of round lines to increase the softness. In the way of drawing a circle, slowly brush from the cheekbones to the nose. If you have an oval face, you can choose to brush towards the center of the face along the curve of the cheekbones. In the skin part, according to the light, you can choose local brightening, which can enhance the three-dimensional effect, make the whole makeup look natural and beautiful, and can also appear more realistic.

How to play blush? What’s the trick? Hope the above can help you.

Post time: Jun-17-2022