How to draw beautiful eyeshadow?

Many beauty novice babies will have such questions, how should eye shadow be painted? In fact, the painting method of eye shadow is changeable and simple. As long as you master a few key points of eye shadow painting, your eye makeup will also become advanced, beautiful and rich in layers. So let’s take a look at the essential painting methods of blush.



Before learning how to paint blush, we first need to understand how to use eye shadow brushes. Only by correctly understanding the different usages of different eye shadow brushes can we create a layered high-level eye shadow. A large eyeshadow brush with the most fluffy and soft bristles, suitable for dipping light-colored eyeshadow on the eyelid and laying it on a large area to create a natural eye socket. The medium eyeshadow brush has fewer bristles than the large eyeshadow brush, and the bristles are soft, suitable for dipping in a darker eye shadow color and applying it within the crease of the double eyelid. Detail eye shadow brush, the brush head is smaller, and the bristles are harder compared to the large eye shadow brush. It is suitable for the description of eye shadow in the details of the eye. Dip the darkest eye shadow and paint it on the end of the eye and the lower eyelid for layering. deepen. Blending brush with soft bristles for blending the borders of eye shadows for natural transitions.



Next, I will introduce you to some basic painting methods of eye shadow. The first method of painting, the flat coating method, is to simply apply a layer of eye shadow on the eyelid, which is usually used when eye makeup is used as a primer. This can initially deepen the eye socket and make the eyes appear larger, which also lays the foundation for the next eye shadow layering. Base. The second method of painting is to move forward, draw the eye shadow on the upper corner of the eye and smudge it. This method of painting can make puffy eyes look bright and reduce swelling. It is suitable for superimposing fresh eye makeup. The third method of painting is to move back and smudge the eye shadow on the upper and lower eyelids at the end of the eye. This is a painting method that almost every eye makeup needs to use. It has a decisive effect on enlarging the eyes. It is very important. a kind of painting. Drawing method four, two-stage drawing method, draw dark eye shadow on the head and tail of the eye, and do not draw on the middle of the eyelid, and use it to draw light-colored sequins. This drawing method is a basic superimposed drawing method. Eye makeup layering and sense of luxury play a very important role.

Post time: Jun-10-2022