How to choose a lip glaze by color?


Different brands of lip glazes are liked by different people, so it must be said that the color of the lip glaze is certainly mentioned. In general, the common lip glaze color has the following kinds, as for how to choose,
Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these colors first.
1. Red lip glaze
Red is definitely indispensable, whether it is lipstick, lip gloss or lip glaze, red is definitely the color that every brand will launch. The red lip color gives the impression that it is
Creative, brave and confident, ambitious, courageous and very motivated.
Pick Tips: Every girl should have a red lip glaze to match the impression of lipstick. Red not only makes you look white, but more importantly
So that your skin tone will not appear dull yellow, but ruddy, the color will be healthier. The red lip stain is also an indispensable one for formal occasions.
2. Nude lip glaze
Nude color is actually the same as nude lipstick, this color is characterized by healthy and natural, look good feeling. But usually we also have to use nudity skillfully
Color, because sometimes bright colors are whiter than nude colors.
Pick Tips: Nude is perfect for everyday makeup, and students are also perfect for this color. However, compared to other colors, this color will be lighter, and some people may paint it
Out is the feeling of lipstick. Girls who don’t like too light colors don’t choose this one.


3. Orange lip glaze
Orange has the warmth of red with the brightness of yellow. Applying an orange lip glaze will give people a warm, active and energetic feeling. In the past year, various colors have been mainly orange
The makeup is also endless, and the “orange soda” makeup is one of the little seven likes it.
Pick Tips: Perfect for young and lively girls. Perfect for everyday light makeup. Girls who are not white in skin should not worry, orange lip glaze has a brightening effect.
4. Purple-red lip glaze
Super retro super mature color, painted well will be very temperamental. With European and American makeup will be very cool, not too exaggerated, will make you very attractive Oh.
Pick Tips: Suitable for people with very white skin or very dark skin. For the user is very picky, not ordinary people can hold the live, get it will be too strong
potential, or it will look like poisoning.

5. Pink lip glaze
Pink is generally a very girly color, but pink has a light pink, very girly, cute. There are also slightly darker colors that will give people an elegant feminine feeling
Jue, more formal, can hold many occasions.
Pick Tips: Pink is suitable for fair-skinned girls, and nude makeup will be beautiful and cute. But be careful slightly, authentic pink is not suitable for yellow-skinned people, because
The skin may appear more yellowish.


Post time: Jul-08-2022