Eyeshadow color matching


Eyeshadow is divided into three types: shadow color, bright color, and accent color. The so-called shadow color is the convergent color, painted in the desired concave place or narrow part that should have a shadow, this color one
Generally includes dark gray, dark brown; Bright color, painted in a wide place where it is hoped to appear high and prominent, the bright color is generally beige, off-white, white with pearlescent light pink, etc.; Accent color is possible
The purpose of any color is to express what it means and attract people’s attention.


Natural color combination
Warm color system In addition to yellow, orange, orange red, all the colors with yellow as the base color are warm colors, and the matching colorless system, in addition to white and black, it is best to use camel
Color, brown, coffee.
The seven colors of the cool color system based on blue are all cool colors. With a cool tone in harmony with the colorless color, it is best to choose black, gray, color, avoid pairing with camel, coffee color.

Life Day Makeup Eyeshadow
Commonly used are light coffee color, dark coffee color, blue gray, violet color, coral color, off-white, white, pink white, bright yellow and so on.


Party makeup eyeshadow
Commonly used colors are dark coffee, light coffee, gray, blue gray, blue, purple, orange yellow, orange red, sunset red, rose red, coral red, bright yellow, goose
Yellow, silver white, silver, pink white, blue white, off-white, pearlescent, etc.
The most common method of eyeshadow is to base the eye socket with a light eyeshadow, and then apply dark eyeshadow to the folds of the eyes to make the eyes look deeper and brighter, and a single eyelid is recommended to use a single color
The eye shadow of the series makes the eyes three-dimensional, and the choice of brighter saturated, darker colors can avoid the eyes from appearing puffy.

Post time: Jul-29-2022