8 Pcs Mini Morandi color makeup brush set MF-HZYJ-01

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Coexistence of appearance and quality!!!
A set of 8 items for both novice and professional, makeup artifact, no need to entangle how to choose

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1. Compact and easy to carry, it is absolutely convenient for daily use, travel and travel
2. The fiber hair is very durable, so you don't have to worry about frying hair during daily washing
3. The brushing power is very good, and the makeup and smudging feels great
[Basic Cognition]
The brushes are hand-made by first-hand manufacturers, and the quality of the shop can be guaranteed after sale. Before shipping, we will try our best to protect the outer packaging of the product. There may be collisions and slight scratches during the transportation process, so ensure that it is within a reasonable range. It is normal for new brushes to smell.
Some new brushes will have a slight smell. Put the brush in a cool and ventilated place to let the air out, and even wash it with water several times to improve its smell.

How to use

Introduction to the categories and usage of makeup brushes:
There are many types of make-up brushes, which can be used for daily makeup and can be combined according to personal makeup habits. But there are 6 brushes
The basic configuration: powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.
Loose powder brush: The brushed powder makeup has a silky texture, and the makeup face is more clean and lasting.
Concealer brush: The fine brush head can brush the hard-to-reach areas, and the concealer effect is more uniform and natural.
Blush Brush: Brush the blush with a natural curvature, blending shadows, and perfectly highlighting the contours of the face.
Eyeshadow brush: a wide variety. Need to prepare eye shadow brushes of different sizes to match different eye contouring methods.
Eyebrow brush: With eyebrow powder, it can draw a fairly natural eyebrow shape. It is easier to control the intensity and shade than the eyebrow pencil.
Lip brush: outline the lip shape, make the lips fuller and more uniform, longer lasting.
Foundation brush: Used to apply liquid foundation, the requirements for brushes and liquid foundation are relatively high.
Facial contour brush: The characteristic is that the brush head is 45°, the size is similar to the blush brush, and the bristles are thicker.


Handle material: plastic

1. High-quality, cruelty-free synthetic hair, soft and thick.
2. It contains a fully-designed brush, which is practical to meet your eye application needs.
3. No fading, no fading, no peculiar smell, and the handle is firmly fixed.
1. Blending Brush: Blend the color to the lid and add control. Sand the rough lines to get a good blending effect.
2. Eyeshadow brush: Apply color on the entire eyelid to make the product evenly and strongly applied.
3. Shader Brush: Apply the color to small areas of the eyes, such as the outer eyelids. Also used to apply lower lash line.
4. Concealer brush: Use a small stroke to draw concealer under the eyes from the corner of the nose bridge to the area below the outer eyelash line.
5. Paint: evenly spread loose powder on the face

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